Glove Care

goalkeeper gloves care

Secure Grip, Safe Hands


To get the maximum grip and life from your goalkeeper gloves you should take the following key steps:

Before using your new gloves for the first time pre-wash them and dry naturally in accordance with the washing instructions below. This will ensure you get the maximum grip when in use.
During use damp the palms of the gloves with water in order to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm.After use, before doing anything ensure you wash them and leave to dry naturally – leaving latex to dry out will make it brittle, affecting durability and grip.

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Latex Degradation

We exclusively utilize premium latex sourced from Germany to ensure optimal grip in various conditions. Nevertheless, latex, being a soft natural material, is susceptible to wearing down and abrasion over time, which is inevitable.

Latex degradation can occur due to various factors:

  • Keeper’s age
  • Technique employed
  • Surface of play
  • Preparatory measures taken
  • Adherence to care instructions
  • Frequency of saves and defensive activity
  • Luck

Proper care can prolong the lifespan of your gloves. If signs of wear appear on the latex, it’s a normal occurrence. Our gloves boast 4mm of material, ensuring performance until the latex is depleted.


How Many Pairs a Season?

Typically your average goalkeeper can see themselves go through 5-12 pairs of gloves a season, depending on the many variables at play. How many times do they train a week? How many games do they play? How old is the keeper? What is the quality of the surface and/or the keeper’s technique? Have they been properly cared for?

Higher levels of goalkeepers such as those within the professional bracket can see themselves using anywhere between 15-30 pairs a season due to the increased level and regularity of training, games and overall requirements.