About us

GK Saver Sports has a long experience of making Goalkeeper Products.
Our best quality Goalkeeper Gloves and other sports products are based on high quality standards and in very affordable prices.
We are manufacturer of many other branded gloves and now we have introduced our own brand with all high standard characteristics.
We believe Customers care essential For every successful business so thats why we are focusing of customer’s needs and maintain best quality standards.
We are here to Provide best possible service and products to our valuable clients.
If you feel something wrong or bad in our product so before leaving a negative feedback please contact us once and we will try our best to solve that quickly and try our level best to serve you better.
We will never mislead our customers knowingly so we will always welcome your positive feedback and will gladly return the courtesy.


Our story started more than a decade ago as sports glove manufacturers and supplier for some of the most prominent brands. A few years later we decided to provide our customers the same great quality on much affordable cost under our own brand. And the rest like they say is history. 

Build your own

Now you can grow your own sports business in partnership with GK Saver. Just start with as low as 10 pairs per size per model. You do not need to pay for additional costs like templates ,designing  and other developments costs . Just buy our models at wholesale prices and retail them on at least 15-20% margin.  As your business grows we can even create exclusive special ranges with your own choice of color combinations with exclusive rights of sale so no other retailer will have them . We will support you with various new designs every year , exclusive models , special orders and everything to help your sales grow.  

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Create your own

Do you have your own brand? Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to help you? Then GK Saver is the answer. For any business big or small, having reliable suppliers is the difference between success and failure.  At GK Saver we have all the capabilities to supply White labeled products, embossed with your brand and logos at realistic MOQs (Minimum order quantities) and quick supply times. Just send us your design, color combinations and logos, and we will ensure you get the highest quality Goal Keeper gloves consistently through a reliable manufacturing and supply process.

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Our office is based in Manchester,UK with our manufacturing facilities in Sailkot, Pakistan – the world renowned centre for World-class sports goods.
Our team in Manchester would be happy to guide you through the complete process for ordering 

How to Order?

Whether you are an established brand looking for a reliable supplier or a sports-enthusiast looking to get into a new business, we can help you!

Discuss your order with us , provide us your design , set price terms and delivery time and that is it . We will provide your gloves with best possible quality level and even after sale we will be with you and work closely to improve quality level . You can pay your small payments by Paypal and Western union and bigger with bank transfers . We have all sort of materials for manufacturing goalkeeper gloves , we use professional German latex for professional quality gloves we have pakistani dumbo for backhand for cost effective gloves where we use german latex on the palm .some of the material examples are here .

  • Contact Memory Grip (Top German Latex)
  • Quartz dot print (top German Latex)
  • Wet&dry German Latex ( specially good for rainy conditions)
  • Giga , Mega , Supersoft, Aqua ( 2nd Top Level Group)
  • Special soft , new basic, super low ( Good Level German Latex for durable palms)
  • High foam, dumbo (cost effective backhand materials )
  • 7- neoprene , micro mesh, jaguar mesh, 3dmesh, 6d try liyon and many more facrix for backhand of the glove .

We can make all kinds of cuts from basic to very professional. We have own set up of silicon printing , inject design and sublimation printing.

Read below to know more about our manufacturing process.


Product designing

Rough design provide by you either by designer , by you or if you can make rough sketch on paper with pen and label the design with points . our designer will redesign according to you instructions and will send you for approval .


In a embossing machine latex heated with templates upto 4000 to 8000 watts for 30 seconds to 45 seconds and designing grooved on latex . once embossing finished these all backhand latex need to di cut accordingly and ready for stitching process.



Once all material di cut and ready for stitching each part stitched very neatly and care . one all gloves ready and complete in production they washed , dry and packed and ready to ship to the customer .

Templates or di cuts

once design finalized we will initiate templates process, this include backhand design templates and from palm di cuts if required . templates are made of metal and used to convert design on the latex. each size template cost range £ 50 to £ 90 depending upon quality and type of embossing , 2D, 3D , latex , dumbo , high foam etc.


We mostly use and reccomend air shipping to customer for professional quality goalkeeper gloves as they packed very tightly so they deliver in quick time and can open boxes quickly .

Cutting , Printing

Once tempaltes will be ready we will cut materials according to sizes and templates we will start printing , dumbo material print need 24 to 48 hours to dry where layer latex print need 72 to 96 hours to dry perfectly and then we will start embossing

If they remain tight packed for more than 30 days they can be damaged . so better is to send by air where it can be deliver in 5 to 15 days depending upon service and country and then open and relax them . however if customer preffer by sea shipments for bigger orders then that also fine and we canpack them loose so they stay fine. If you have any question and want to discuss about your brand please do not hazitate to ask us question we will try our best to answer all of your question. our contact is : Gksaver@gmail.com . We have shown production process pictures below to understand how goalkeeper manufactured .