Performer Pride Kids Size 4-7

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Product Description:

Roll finger cut:

An extremely popular goalkeeper glove cut. The latex on this cut wraps / rolls all the way round the fingers from back to front.  This creates the maximum ball contact with latex and provide great catching security. Roll finger goalkeeper glove create more substantial feel on the hands in comparison with a flat cut or hybrid style finger cut.

Model name: Performer pride roll finger

Front palm: 4 mm special soft German latex white palm with palm protection corner support feature.

Backhand : 4 mm special soft dumpex foam + 6 mm NFU ultimate foam padding inside for feel comfort and grip

Finger protections/saver:  Removable finger protection supported.

Wrist Closure: Latex strap with adjustable Velcro points for nice fit with elastic bandage.

Color:  Black , grey , white

Sizes: 4 , 5 , 6 , 7

Stitching: Fine quality imported cotton thread reinforced stitching provide maximum durability to the joints.

Gloves packing: High standard transparent front kadora bag  with zip entrance and loop hook

Name personalization: Available when you purchased it with ”Yes Personalization” option. It should be around maximum 8 characters (letter or numbers or mix).

Age and Sizes Suitability:

These are the standard sizes for age groups in kids. Kids hand may smaller or bigger in some cases but overall majority follow this approximately size selection for given age groups.

Size 4 (age 5 to 6 years)

Size 5 (age 7 to 8 years)

Size 6 (age 9 to 11 years)

Size 7 (age 12 to 13 years )

Gloves guide size chart : 

Goalkeeper glove sizing is a very individual thing. We all have personal preferences to the way we want our gloves to fit and feel. As a general rule (some goalkeepers may prefer their gloves tighter or loser fitting) I measure my hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm. I then add on a cm to take into consideration the thickness of the latex padding and lining used in the gloves.


Size 4 10 17
Size 5 10 17.5
Size 6 10.5 18
Size 7 11 18.5
Size 8 11 19.5
Size 9 11.5 20
Size 10 12 20.5
Size 11 12.5 21


Note : Glove can be 1 cm biger or small according to design and layout and production reasons. International standard size difference can be around 1 cm plus minus in each size .

Gloves care instructions:

To get maximum grip and life from your goalkeeper gloves you should take the following key steps:

Before using your new gloves for the first time pre-wash them and dry naturally in accordance with the washing instructions below. This will ensure you get the maximum grip when in use.
During use of the gloves keep damp the palms of the gloves with water in order to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm.
After use, before doing anything ensure you wash them and leave to dry naturally – leaving latex to dry out will make it brittle, affecting durability and grip.

Do not dry the gloves:

on a radiator
in front of a fire
in a tumble dryer
using a hair dryer
using an iron
using an airing cupboard
in direct sunlight
by “wringing” them out

All of the above can cause the gloves to lose natural moisture turning them dry and brittle.

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4, 5, 6, 7


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